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Grazzini Tonazzini is an architecture atelier founded by Michele Grazzini and Andrea Tonazzini. It was established in the middle of the Apuan Alps, in the village of Farnocchia, and is currently based in Rome collaborating with Giorgia Colombo. The atelier is conceived as a laboratory for the investigation and interpretation of places through poetic forms of expression. The work includes public and private projects for cultural, educational, sacred and residential buildings. 
Michele Grazzini has studied Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Pisa. He graduated with João Pedro Falcão de Campos professor at FAUTL of the University of Lisbon. He worked with Foster+Partners in London. He has been teaching assistant at La Sapienza University and professor at IED in Rome.

Andrea Tonazzini has studied Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Pisa and at FAUP of the University of Porto. He graduated with Mathias Klotz dean of the University Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile. He worked with Francisco Mangado in Pamplona and with John Pawson in London. He has been teaching assistant at La Sapienza University and professor at IED in Rome.

Imperial Fora, Italy 2024 – 2nd prize
MAXXI NXT Pavilion, Italy 2024 - 1st prize
Marino School, Italy 2023 - 1st prize
Lisbon CB Housing, Portugal 2023 - 3rd prize
Amatrice Cultural Centre, Italy 2023 - 4th prize
Giavera Parish Centre, Italy 2023 - 2nd prize
Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp, Zambia 2023 - Shortlisted
Velletri Piazza, Italy 2023 - 2nd prize
Monti Civic Centre, Italy 2023 - 3rd prize
Fiano Romano Castle, Italy 2022 - 1st prize
ANCE House, Italy 2022 - Shortlisted
Vignacce Farmhouse, Italy 2022 – 1st prize
Lisbon RV Housing, Portugal 2022 – 2nd prize
Forte dei Marmi Cloister, Italy 2022 - Shortlisted
Sessa Arunca Cathedral, Italy 2022 – 2nd prize
Belluno Cathedral, Italy 2021 – 2nd prize
Museo del Novecento, Italy 2021 – 6th prize
Montalcino Civic Centre, Italy 2020 – 1st prize
Barcelona GBCe, Spain 2014 - Shortlisted
Premio Barbara Capocchin, Italy 2024 - Honorable mention
Premio Carlottax Architettura, Italy 2024 - Best Architecture YA
Archdaily Building of the Year, Italy 2024 - Selected project
ANCE Venice Biennale, Italy 2023 - Honorable mention
Inarch Toscana, Italy 2023 - Honorable mention

Rome Open House, Italy 2024
Trajan’s Market, Italy 2024
Lisboa Imagina NBE, Portugal 2024
Fondazione Barbara Capocchin, Italy 2024
Roma Novissima, Italy 2023
Architects Meet in Selinunte, Italy 2023
Velletri Town Hall, Italy 2023
Fiano Romano Castle, Italy 2023
Lisbon CPP HQ, Portugal 2023
Mesia Space Rome, Italy 2022
Ronchi Villa, Italy 2022
Arginvecchio, Italy 2022
St.Agostino Cloister, Italy 2022
Museo del Novecento, Italy 2021
Montisi Grancia, Italy 2015
GTC, University of Pisa, Italy 2024
Sequenze, IED Rome, Italy 2023
Progettare la memoria, University of Pisa, Italy 2023
Prassi progettuale, La Sapienza University Rome, Italy 2022
Gabriele del Mese, University of Pisa, Italy 2016
BIM, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy 2016

Ronchi Villa, Elledecor, Italy 2024
Ronchi Villa, Artribune, Italy 2024
Fiano Romano Castle, Area 187 Supernatural, Italy 2023
Grancia di Montisi, Giacomo Massoni, Betti Editrice, Italy 2015
Pianificazione Urbana, Enrico Bascherini, Arnus UBook, Italy 2014
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